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Top 10 Reasons That Gio Gonzalez Can’t Stop Smiling

1. He doesn’t have to live in Oakland anymore.

2. He likes to imitate the trajectory of his curveball with the shape of his mouth.

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3. He’s just too damn good.

4. Jordan Zimmermann hired him to smile for him.

5. It’s for his cameo on the cover of Nat Gio magazine.

6. He hasn’t seen a Wizards game this year.

7. He’s thankful he gets better run support than Jordan Zimmermann.

8. He works publicity for K Street.

9. Gio has serious Natitude (we think, still not 100% on what that means).

10. He watched Davey Johnson react to a fire alarm.

Top 10 Things on WIlson Ramos’ Mind

1. “I frame pitches better than your mom frames pictures.”

2. “I thought getting kidnapped was bad, but then I caught one of Strasburg’s fastballs.”

3. “Thought I’d get a break after Strasburg.  Caught Gonzalez.  Fingers fell off.”

4. “I guess I left Minnesota right on time.”

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5. “I’m finally an everyday starter.  Maybe it’s because I worked off some Pudge.”

6. “Oh you have a goatee?  Tell me about how you think it’s better than mine.”

7. “It’s embarrassing to think that the Twins saw more in Matt Capps than they did in me.”

8. “I got rescued in Venezuela because I told the authorities to changeup their plans to the inside corner of the building I was in. “

9. “I’m so good, the depth chart says I’m ahead of Jesus.”


“It’s RAH-mos.  You call me RAY-mos and I’ll have H-Rod deliver a fastball to your face.”

Washington Capitals: Braden Holtby Leads the Caps Home

Take a look at the rap sheet from Pens/Flyers Game 3

This penalty summary is so long, I couldn’t even fit it on my screen.  There are still 2 penalties missing at the bottom.


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