Top 10 Things on WIlson Ramos’ Mind

1. “I frame pitches better than your mom frames pictures.”

2. “I thought getting kidnapped was bad, but then I caught one of Strasburg’s fastballs.”

3. “Thought I’d get a break after Strasburg.  Caught Gonzalez.  Fingers fell off.”

4. “I guess I left Minnesota right on time.”

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5. “I’m finally an everyday starter.  Maybe it’s because I worked off some Pudge.”

6. “Oh you have a goatee?  Tell me about how you think it’s better than mine.”

7. “It’s embarrassing to think that the Twins saw more in Matt Capps than they did in me.”

8. “I got rescued in Venezuela because I told the authorities to changeup their plans to the inside corner of the building I was in. “

9. “I’m so good, the depth chart says I’m ahead of Jesus.”


“It’s RAH-mos.  You call me RAY-mos and I’ll have H-Rod deliver a fastball to your face.”

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About David Webber

I am an aspiring sports writer who was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area and who now goes to school at DePaul University in Chicago. I am an avid fan of Washington sports, and it would be my dream to get a job covering one of my favorite teams.

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